Bond Bad Guy Car Of Choice: Ford Edge Is The New Explorer, Escalade Or…

We just saw Quantum of Solace » 11/17/08 9:45am 11/17/08 9:45am this weekend. While most might get all googly-eyed at the Aston Martin DBS, gushing over it's sleek sexiness even after it's taken , we took something else away from the new Bond flick. We noticed a Black Ford Edge (with odd hydrogen power stickering) playing the role of the basic bad-guy…

Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Ford Edge Sport Live

While we already saw, the 2009 Ford Edge Sport press shots when the embargo let go, we wondered down to find the newly retrimmed Ford just hanging out for all to see. In the flesh, the Edge Sport works pretty well from a design perspective. Looks like the Edge should have been designed this way in the first place… » 2/06/08 1:57pm 2/06/08 1:57pm

Ford To Give Brazil An Edge, Still Won't Bring Us Ka

The Ford Edge, probably the best implementation of the gillette-Daveness, is saying hi to Brazil later this year. It's not a bad strategy for Ford as the company has seen an increase of 20.7% in sales there last year and in the American market the Edge has been one of fewer and fewer hits for the company. The Edge… » 1/17/08 11:00am 1/17/08 11:00am

Ad Watch: David Mamet Likes To Live On the Edge-UH! Part II

As we heard yesterday, FoMoCo's got two new Edge-y ads by edgy director and writer David Mamet. We've already shown you the first of the two ads, called "Quicker than a BMW." Here's the second of the two ads, which the folks in Dearborn call "Quieter than a Lexus." We're waiting to see if there'll be a third ad… » 4/18/07 10:45am 4/18/07 10:45am

Energy Policy: Ford Reveals HySeries Hybrid Edge Concept

Ford's showing off its HySeries fuel-cell hybrid in the nation's capital today, hoping to carve out a new direction in the ongoing battle of the research hybrids. As we mentioned yesterday, the Edge HySeries uses a hydrogen fuel-cell to top off the EV-car's batteries, which can also be charged via plug-in. Ford says… » 1/23/07 7:38am 1/23/07 7:38am

Ad Watch: Do Asian-Americans Like To Live On The Edge, Make Bold…

Yeah, we tried to mush in some more FoMoCo ad tag-lines into that headline, but we ran out of room. Regardless, we were actually kind of disappointed we hadn't yet seen this ad, called "Wedding Day," on the air as it's been running since the end of December. But since I guess we're not part of the "Asian-American"… » 1/22/07 12:16pm 1/22/07 12:16pm