Eddie Paul Creates Real-Life 'Cars' Cars

The Pixars had an idea they wanted life-size renditions of three of the characters from their upcoming film, Cars. After digging around a bit and conversing with Jay Leno (it always comes back to Leno, doesn't it?) They sent Asphalt Invitational and Billetproof co-founder Jay Ward down to Eddie Paul's El Segundo shop,… » 3/28/06 3:43pm 3/28/06 3:43pm

Eddie Paul to Show "Presidential" V8-Powered Motorcycle at SEMA

Hollywood stunt man, special effects innovator, car and motorcycle customizer and all-around decent chap, Eddie Paul recently finished an brash new project — with a presidential theme. The bike "fit for a president," dubbed Chopper One, is powered by a double-blown 650 bhp 502 cubic inch Chevy V8 engine gassed with… » 10/29/05 6:16pm 10/29/05 6:16pm