Ed Welburn Says Camaro Interior Spy Photos Are Bunk, Confirms SS

Oh Muscle Car Wars, how much teasing will we be forced to endure? GM Design chief Ed Welburn divulged some interesting facts to Bill Bortzfield from Jacksonville.com about the 2009 Chevy Camaro at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance this weekend. Welburn first lets slip that they'll have "the base model and the SS,"… » 3/10/08 2:00pm 3/10/08 2:00pm

Ed Welburn Hearts The New Chevy Camaro, Hugs It Too!

We don't know what's worse — this picture of GM design guru hugging the new Chevy Camaro down under. Or the fact it was taken by Bob Lutz with his Treo Blackberry Curve. Seriously. If you don't believe it, we've got some shots below of "Maximum" Bob taking some shots with his Treo at the GM reveal at the Frankfurt… » 10/16/07 5:20pm 10/16/07 5:20pm

Ad Watch: Ed Welburn Loves Cadillac, New 2008 Cadillac CTS

We managed to liberate the following new commercial from the leaky sieve Death Star fortress that is the marketing side of the General. The spot's for Cadillac and features Ed "Jay Leno Is My BFF" Welburn, chief o' design for General Motors. Although Ed's usually the important guy in the room as he helps manage the… » 6/22/07 5:45pm 6/22/07 5:45pm

SEMA Show Exclusive: Jay Leno Loves The Amerigasm, And We Have The Napkin To Prove It!

Above you'll find our man Jay Leno, the lover of cars, and garage-lover of the Jalop riffing on the EcoJet. We learned the man can be pretty darn funny in person — but he also revealed his own secret love of the "amerigasm" as proven by his decision to only collect and build on 'merican cars and trucks. In addition… » 10/31/06 4:08pm 10/31/06 4:08pm

The EcoJet: Jay Leno's New GM-Outsourced Supercar

Yes, that's Jay Leno, comedian and talk show host. Yes, that's Ed Welburn, GM's veep of Global Design. But the silver bullet with the Grateful Dead-looking logo in between them is what I came to see at the Wynn Casino late last night, mere hours before SEMA's official starting gun fires. It's the 650 hp (400 lb.-ft.… » 10/31/06 7:51am 10/31/06 7:51am