How To Build A $1500 Salvage Title S55 AMG To Speed Across The Country

Automotive dumpster diving is a lost art. It means looking through local classifieds, eBay auctions and knowing on every derelict door to see if you can negotiate a deal on something cool. However, when you’re Ed Bolian, current record holder for fastest cross-country drive and you’re looking for a cheapo beater to… »Monday 2:57pm11/23/15 2:57pm


Why Cross-Country Record Holder Ed Bolian Isn’t In Jail Yet

He's still energetic, positive, and passionate. He's still selling exotic sports cars to enthusiasts all over the country. He now has a baby on the way, due in September. He is very much not incarcerated. And he has no regrets about the two days last year he spent breaking thousands of laws in more than a dozen states… »4/22/14 3:04pm4/22/14 3:04pm