Which Car Should Julian Assange Use To Escape London?

Julian Assange may have to go on a madcap car chase through London escaping the UK from the Ecuadorian Embassy to the airport. Which car should he go in? » 8/16/12 11:30am 8/16/12 11:30am

Is Julian Assange About To Get Into A Car Chase In London?

So, Wikileaks founder has been granted asylum by Ecuador after fleeing to their embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape charges. But… he's still trapped in the embassy. How does he get to Ecuador? Get to the airport. How does he get to the airport? Possibly the diplomatic BMW 5-Series above. » 8/16/12 9:12am 8/16/12 9:12am

Manta - der Stadt!

Oh man. Where's our fruit hat? We're scamming a ticket to Ecuador from an unsuspecting produce wholesaler, just to get all immersed in the country's third-most-economically important city. A city, of course, named for Rüsselheim's most important export, the Opel Manta. Plus, it's got the largest seaport in the… » 6/07/07 4:15pm 6/07/07 4:15pm