Why Are These Massive Cargo Ships Trapped at 29 U.S. Ports?

You've probably read about it, even if it didn't really register. Something about a backlog. Something about unions. Imports and exports. Now the dispute that's paralyzing 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast has the potential to affect all of us—and to empty the shelves in countless stores. » 2/19/15 5:00pm 2/19/15 5:00pm

Do Halo Cars Change Consumer Behavior Enough to Justify Their…

This was a research paper written for my capstone in Economics, and remains the only paper I've ever been proud of. It might be a little thick, but I thought I'd post it seeing its pertinence. » 5/06/14 10:00am 5/06/14 10:00am

The P15 is Coming to Save the Less Fortunate: McLaren Themselves

The forthcoming McLaren P15 will slip into the stream between the generically fast McLaren 12C and the ungodly fast McLaren P1, utilizing the same basic engine, chassis, and styling components that make McLaren the only supercar manufacturer able to truly challenge the likes of Maranello since Lamborghini. » 1/25/14 9:30am 1/25/14 9:30am

The Most Important Aspect of Alfa Romeo's New 4C

While Alfa's latest creation may seem to pin consumers between power and price, the Italians have hid something quite special under the 4C's bonnet. To date, carbon fiber monocoque chassis have been reserved for supercar manufactures because of the extreme cost associated with their creation. » 9/25/13 12:30pm 9/25/13 12:30pm

How Long Before America Hits 'Peak Car' For Real?

Economists, scientists and titans of industry often talk about "peak oil," the idea that one day we'll reach a point where oil supplies begin to decrease and will never rise again. But what about "peak car"? A new study argues that while the peak in cars on U.S. roads may be temporary, the peak in the number of cars… » 6/20/13 2:47pm 6/20/13 2:47pm

Why Ford Should Reintroduce the Ranger as a Ute.

In 2011, the Ford Ranger was phased out in order to stop the tiny truck from cannibalizing sales from the F150. Ford has claimed their halo truck to be the number one selling pickup truck for as far back as I can remember (24 years apparently). The Detroit firm has come under increasing pressure from its competitors… » 4/22/13 3:00pm 4/22/13 3:00pm

A Wonderfully Simple Explanation Of Oil Price And The Economy

The price of gas seems to keep changing, but the truth is that the problem isn't just to do with decreasing oil resources. In fact, the price of the black stuff is linked into our economy in a complex way—and this video beautifully describes what's going on for those of us lacking an economics background. » 5/08/12 7:45am 5/08/12 7:45am

Why three guys vandalized seven Toyotas at an auto show

On Wednesday night, Chicago police arrested three men after they were caught vandalizing seven Toyotas at the Chicago Auto Show. While it sounds like dumb kids gone wild, the alleged vandals claimed they were angry about American jobs shipped overseas. » 2/18/11 12:00pm 2/18/11 12:00pm