Project Car Hell: Citroen CX Diesel or V8 Lotus Eclat?

It was pretty close, but the Mazda 323 GTX squeaks out a 55/45 victory over the Turbo Geo Metro in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. I've been happy to find some Japanese PCH candidates, of course, but it's become apparent that we've been neglecting one of the primary Project Car Hell superpowers; yes, it's been… »1/24/08 5:00pm1/24/08 5:00pm

Brats, Vin, Spaghetti, Four-Bangers and Low-Calorie Mash: Vintage Lotus Adverts

We love Lotus. We love the odd designs, we love the sheer randomness of the cars and their penchant for finding obscure words that begin with the letter E. (Seriously, who thought "Eclat" was a good name for a car? It sounds like a bowel dysfunction.) We love the Seven because it's like a well-endwed featherweight… »8/30/06 3:00pm8/30/06 3:00pm