Ecclestone wants U.S. Grand Prix moved to November

It's so hot in Austin in June that even I, as a lowly Freshman at the University of Texas, could occasionally convince women to take some of their clothes off for me. Using that same logic, Bernie Ecclestone's desire to move the US Grand Prix from its provisional June date to November is either the worst or best thing… »7/28/11 4:00pm7/28/11 4:00pm

Max Mosley Death Watch #3: The Harder You Hit Him, The More He Wants To Stay

This whole "Max Mosley Death Watch" thing might be around longer than we expected. So, Mosley is a freak, Bahrain didn't want him to come to their race, Mosley doesn't care, FIA orgs call for his resignation, but he's still got Bernie in his corner. And now we find out, from a "friend" of Mosley, that "the more people… »4/08/08 2:30pm4/08/08 2:30pm