10 Reasons The E60 535i Is Better Than The M5

In recent years BMW has somewhat muddied the water with respect to M cars. First they started making their standard cars available with option packages that made them appear nearly identical to their M equivalent. Then they started releasing M cars that bear the M badge but aren't M cars like the M235 but by and… »7/21/14 4:04pm7/21/14 4:04pm


Off With Their Hands! Dubai Car Thieves Jack Police Bimmers

Forget the Interceptor, Johnny Law (or is that Mohammed Law?) in Dubai rolls in 5-series BMW's. How else do you keep up with the wonderful and unreasonably fast Arab prince specials? This has to be a bit rough on local thieves, forced to escape the clutches of the Bavarian police cruisers. Hey, if you can't beat'em,… »3/10/08 3:45pm3/10/08 3:45pm