​Uber Partnering With China's BYD To Use Electric Cars In Chicago

Uber has inked a deal with BYD, one of China's largest automakers, to supply a fleet of electric cars, and the pilot project is reported already underway in Chicago. » 3/13/15 7:17pm 3/13/15 7:17pm

BYD takes a year to sell 450 electric, hybrid cars.

BYD, the Chinese automaker with a much-hyped investment from Warren Buffett, sold just 33 e6 all-electric cars and 417 F6DM plug-in hybrids last year. Maybe the revolution is a five-year plan. (Thanks goatrope!) » 3/01/11 10:00am 3/01/11 10:00am

Chinese Promising $35K EV, $28K Dual-Mode Hybrid For US

Chinese automaker BYD's claiming their full-electric 200-mile-range E6 sedan will cost $35,000, their dual-mode hybrid F3DM will cost just $28,000 and they'll sell "tens of thousands" of them by end of 2012. Another test drive's in order. [plugincars] » 1/09/11 10:50pm 1/09/11 10:50pm