M5 Follow Up: E28 vs E34 vs E60

We knew it going in: expecting any other M5 to compete against the BMW E39 M5 is like asking the Chicago Bears to cover a 12-point spread. No way in hell. But, you know, democracy and all that. Still, many of you expressed quite passionate opinions about the other big M cars. So we figured why not have a runoff for… » 9/27/07 10:45am 9/27/07 10:45am

M5 Vs M5 Vs M5 Vs M5

Last week saw the induction of the Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 6.9 into our rapidly filling Fantasy Garage. While the detractors were loud and squawking, just over 83% of you saw the beauty of a bored-out German bullet train. However, Jalopnik is never one to let the tyranny of the majority drum out the feelings and opinions … » 9/26/07 12:00pm 9/26/07 12:00pm

Question Of The Day: What's The Wildest Sleeper You've Ever Seen?

Today's question comes to us courtesy of master commenter JayP71. And that's all he had to say. We know there are better answers out there, but we'll play it safe and go with an old favorite. A few years back, the neighbors across the street had their house on the market. I was upstairs when I heard a burble. I peaked… » 6/22/07 11:45am 6/22/07 11:45am

Who Uber Alles? E39 M5 Or RS 4?

Once again, Herr Johnson and I managed to spend five hours arguing with each other over instant messenger. Only this time we were not half-joking about DAF vs. FAF, but rather quite seriously calling each other soulless turds over which legendary German Q-ship is better. In the Ingolstadt corner, weighing in at 3,800… » 5/29/07 10:45am 5/29/07 10:45am

Spy Photos: 2007 BMW M3 Coupe, Getting Even Closer

The next-gen BMW M3's T time (in the NASA sense, natch) is rounding "almost" and headed for "any time now." A proper unveiling will likely take place at the Paris show this September, but more spy shots of the coupe version are afoot at World Car Fans. The photog currently known as Hans G. Lehmann picked up on the new,… » 6/01/06 8:07am 6/01/06 8:07am