The Hottest Booth Cars Of E3 2013

Sure, E3 is a place where you can check out the latest video games and video-game hardware. But we know what all those randy young convention-goers really want to see: The sexy, curvalicious eye-candy spicing up the booths on the expo floor. » 6/14/13 3:19pm 6/14/13 3:19pm

I Can Get Behind This Xbox One Game's Use of the Cloud

It's easy to be skeptical that Xbox One developer's claims that their games will benefit from cloud computing. But, today, I talked to one and I like what he had to say. » 6/11/13 12:06am 6/11/13 12:06am

Forza 5's 'Driveatar' Will Mimic Your Style for Others to Race Against

Promising "the end of AI" in its driving series, Forza 5 will introduce something called "Driveatar," which will learn from players personal driving styles and upload them into the cloud as racing opponents, Turn 10 Studios said on stage at Microsot's E3 news conference. » 6/10/13 2:54pm 6/10/13 2:54pm

Don't Buy New Video Game Hardware. Not Now.

With fantastic games on offer across just about every platform, with libraries that grow more accomplished with each passing day, you might think it's always a good time to buy new video game hardware, should you still be without one of the major systems. Mostly, you would be correct. But not this month. » 6/06/13 11:14am 6/06/13 11:14am