E-Z Pass Has The Most Insanely Comprehensive Vehicle List Ever

If you were a kid with an unusual name, you know the sting of not being able to find your name on those racks of novelty bicycle license plates. I suspect whoever is in charge of the E-Z Pass vehicle list must have felt this exclusion, because it's one of the most insanely comprehensive marque lists I've seen.… » 3/11/15 4:36pm 3/11/15 4:36pm

Listen To The Most God-Awful Hold Music In The World

Usually when you call up a customer service line, you're treated to some smooth jazz, or maybe even a little tango, while you wait. But not E-ZPass. Instead, you're treated to the sound of so many people banging their heads on tables, all at once. This is the noise that hell itself makes. » 4/29/14 12:40pm 4/29/14 12:40pm

Eight Reasons Why You Really Need To Get An E-ZPass

The Smoking Gun has collected motorist complaints filed against New Jersey toll collectors. Here's eight ranging from violence, to theft, racism and sexual predation. You stay classy, New Jersey. » 2/23/10 12:20pm 2/23/10 12:20pm