The 2008 Ford Econoline: Boldest. Ford Commercial Van. EVAH!

So the headline on Ford's press release is totally bringing to mind "Best. Blank. Ever." And for some weird reason, it's making us laugh a little. That's probably not what FoMoCo had in mind when they wrote it up, but whatevs, it's been a long day. Despite the reaching-for-the-stars paper they released, there's… » 3/07/07 5:56pm 3/07/07 5:56pm

Hold on, Holden! Secret HSV E-Series Photos Leaked

Shots of the secret E-Series, a super-sport Commodore sedan from Holden's performance division HSV made their way to the Intersplice a week before GM planned, by way of an embargo-date mixup by a government office (Ministry of Speed?). Australian muscle-car watchers have been waiting for the E-Series for months,… » 8/17/06 9:23am 8/17/06 9:23am