Bob Lutz joins electric car company Via Motors

Bob Lutz, former GM vice-chairman, may be back at GM as a "senior advisor", but it's not stopping him from working on other projects. We've just learned, via Jeff Gilbert, auto reporter for WWJ AM and CBS Radio, that "Maximum" Bob has joined Via Motors, an electric car company. » 9/26/11 9:30am 9/26/11 9:30am

The Chevy Volt Song: No, We're Not Kidding

We will see even more hype surrounding the Chevy Volt as we approach 2010's unveil. Introducing the Chevy Volt song, debuting during the LA Auto Show's first public day. This isn't a joke. Yup, it's gonna be a long year. » 12/07/09 9:00am 12/07/09 9:00am

Chevy Family Photo Op: Mass-Marketing MPG And MPG For The Masses,…

GM just dumped an unnecessary presser letting everyone know the officially-official US-spec Chevy Cruze debuts at the LA Auto Show along with its 40MPG 1.4-liter turbocharged, direct-injection inline-four. They also mentioned the still-over-a-year-away Chevy Volt for the 25,761st time. » 11/17/09 2:00pm 11/17/09 2:00pm

EMC Turns Ford F-150 Pickup Into A Chevy Volt

The EMC Flash (sounds like an 80s hip-hop group) was teased at EMC's Indiana HQ Saturday where production is planned for 2010. The plug-in EREV hybrid pickup based on the Ford F-150 may get 250 MPGe when optioned appropriately. [] » 9/08/09 2:00pm 9/08/09 2:00pm

Lotus Designs Extended Range Electric Crate Engine

For automakers heavily invested in light hybrids when extended range electric vehicles become the newest green fashion accessory, Lotus has developed the Lotus Range Extender, a self-contained EREV crate powerplant. It would seem Lotus is bringing "green" to the aftermarket. » 9/08/09 10:00am 9/08/09 10:00am

Chevy Volt Visits Tennessee, Squeals Like Pig

Voltage, the official Chevy Volt blog, posted this pic of the Volt testing along what they're hinting is the Tail of the Dragon. This is the last time you'll ever see a Chevy Volt here. [Chevrolet Voltage] » 9/02/09 5:15pm 9/02/09 5:15pm

EPA Backs Away From GM's 230 MPG Chevy Volt Claim

We aren't the only folks thinking GM's 230 MPG EPA Chevy Volt fuel economy rating's rather fantastic. Apparently the EPA thinks so too, issuing a statement saying it "cannot confirm the fuel economy values claimed by GM." [EPA via GreenCarAdvisor] » 8/11/09 7:23pm 8/11/09 7:23pm

Chevy Volt To Get 230 MPG City Fuel Economy Rating

Sources tell us GM CEO Fritz Henderson will announce today the Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle will receive a city fuel economy rating of 230 MPG from the EPA when it hits showroom floors later next year. Holy game-changer, Batman! » 8/11/09 6:50am 8/11/09 6:50am

"100 MPG" Electric Hummer H3 Doesn't Actually Get 100 MPG

We're here at the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit, where California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up for the "100 MPG" Raser Electric Hummer H3 unveiling. Which, incidentally, does not actually get 100 MPG. » 4/20/09 2:00pm 4/20/09 2:00pm

100 MPG Hummer H3: Volt Goes Off-Road

Raser Electric has built an extended-range electric Hummer H3 which will supposedly return 100 MPG when it hits the road. How did they do it? By building a simplified Chevy Volt before GM could. » 4/13/09 1:00pm 4/13/09 1:00pm

2010 Opel Ampera Spied

Our friends over at World Car Fans managed to snag shots of the Opel Ampera Concept completely naked during a photo shoot prior to its official debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. » 2/20/09 9:45am 2/20/09 9:45am

Opel Ampera Concept Revealed In Patent Filings

We saw an ultra-dark teaser of the Volt-based Opel Ampera and now, thanks to the leaky European Union Patent Office, we get the full picture of this very Voltastic electric Opel. » 2/18/09 12:30pm 2/18/09 12:30pm

BYD F3DM Extended Range Electric Car Launches In China, Out-Volt's…

Chinese automaker BYD has unveiled the BYD F3DM electric vehicle (EREV) for sale in the Chinese market. BYD also plans to bring the 62-mile range $22,000 car to the US and out-Volt the Volt. » 12/15/08 1:00pm 12/15/08 1:00pm

First Live Shots Of The Chevy Volt Plugged In

Ever wonder what the plug-in unit for the Chevy Volt » 10/03/08 9:20am 10/03/08 9:20am looks like? Well now you know. Here at the the display car is tethered to the very slanted display stand by way of extension cord and locking plug-in mechanism. The power port is, as expected, hidden behind the "Volt" name plate ahead of the mirrors, though we…