David Pogue Hearts The Hot Electric Car Action Of GM's Bob Lutz

It's good to see that we're not the only journos with the severe man-crush on GM's Vice-Chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz. It seems David Pogue, the gadget-obsessed tech writer at The New York Times also has a heavy dose of the Lutz love as he spent some time with Bob and GM's new 'lectric concept sled, the Volt. Pogue… » 9/21/07 12:45pm 9/21/07 12:45pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Live Reveal Of Opel Flextreme Diesel-Electric…

We were at Frankfurt's Bockenheimer Depot for GM's revealing of the Opel Flextreme Diesel Concept, the latest sheetmetal incarnation of the company's E-Flex architecture. The system uses a series hybrid system supported by a diesel engine operating at peak efficiency to charge a battery pack from from power supply… » 9/10/07 12:22pm 9/10/07 12:22pm

Opel Flextreme Diesel-Hybrid E-Flex Concept Car Leaks Out Before…

Much to the chagrin of the folks at the General, it would appear shots of the not-even-embargoed Opel E-Flex platformed concept car have made it out onto the internet well before the Frankfurt Auto Show. Ah, you've got to love the internet. Or not. Either way, courtesy of the English kids at CarScoop, here's the hot… » 9/07/07 6:30pm 9/07/07 6:30pm

GM To Partner With Segway For Diesel-Powered E-Flex Concept In…

We already knew another E-Flex was coming, but now we're hearing from the folks at the UK-based online mag all about cars the General will be bringing a diesel-engined E-Flex concept car to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. We've already been told by GM the E-Flex plug-in hybrid platform can be paired with a… » 7/05/07 4:30pm 7/05/07 4:30pm

GM Awards Battery Development Contracts For Chevrolet Volt E-Flex System

The General's awarded two contracts for development of lithium-ion batteries for its electric drive "E-Flex System." The "E-Flex System," if you'll remember, is the red herring vaporware electric vehicle architecture underpinning the Chevy Volt concept car shown earlier this year. One contract's heading over to… » 6/05/07 11:00am 6/05/07 11:00am