The Man Behind Dinan Says ECU Tuning Alone Hasn't Done Anything For An N/A Engine Since The '90s

Is your engine making 30 horsepower more since you installed that aftermarket management software on it? In this episode of /Drive’s /Engineered, Steve Dinan, the man behind some very fast and furious BMWs, will tell you why he thinks that’s bollocks. »Wednesday 10:20am11/25/15 10:20am


Windows 2.4-Liter: McLaren and Microsoft Officially Team up on ECU for F1

When Formula One drivers round Hockenheim or Sepang or Bahrain in 2008, it'll be under the electronic wing of McLaren and Microsoft. As the two companies announced this week — though the deal's been known since mid-year — they've jointly bagged the contract to provide engine control units (ECUs) to all F1 teams… »12/13/06 7:54am12/13/06 7:54am