Unmoddable GT-R ECU Cracked, Bye-Bye Speed Limiter

Remember the ECU in the Godzilla-like 2009 Nissan GT-R? Yeah, it was supposedly uncrackable and unmoddable and we'd been told would even brick the car if tampered with. That's apparently not the case for at least one set of Japanese tuners who've cracked the JDM version of the new Nissan GT-R's already infamous ECU… » 4/08/08 2:45pm 4/08/08 2:45pm

New Prototype Control System Tracks Cars' Internals

First it was computer diagnosis codes, then it was diagnostic computers reading fill-on data streams. Now, RIFD technology is being used in a new a computer-control system that can head-off hardware problems. The system — built into a Fiat Stilo — was developed by engineers at the UK's University of Cambridge.… » 8/23/07 5:15pm 8/23/07 5:15pm

Windows 2.4-Liter: McLaren and Microsoft Officially Team up on ECU for F1

When Formula One drivers round Hockenheim or Sepang or Bahrain in 2008, it'll be under the electronic wing of McLaren and Microsoft. As the two companies announced this week — though the deal's been known since mid-year — they've jointly bagged the contract to provide engine control units (ECUs) to all F1 teams… » 12/13/06 7:54am 12/13/06 7:54am