All-Electric MINI E Hits LA Auto Show Floor With "Hottest. Deputy Mayor. Ever."

The all-electric MINI E »11/19/08 3:40pm11/19/08 3:40pm was just revealed live here at the . Although we already knew it had an expensive and we already knew all the details about its two seats (instead of the normal MINI 2+2), 204 HP and 162 lb-ft electric motor and performance of 150 mile round trip and 0-to-60 runs of 8.5 seconds. However, if…


MINI E Electric Mini Re-Revealed, Now With Technical Images

With a numbered limited edition of only about 500 and a one year lease price of about $820 »11/18/08 1:00pm11/18/08 1:00pm, the won't be finding a whole lot of takers, but its still a car that will attract a lot of interest. The two seat all-electric car delivers 204 HP and 162 lb-ft of torque and runs on 28 kWh of a 35 kWh capacity battery made of…

Full Details On Ford Australia's Multi-Flavored FPV Falcon Lineup

When Ford of Australia first announced their lineup of F6 FPV lineup we didn't pay too much attention to the various minor differences in the F6 Falcon lineup. Little did we know how far the Ford Performance Vehicle group was going to go in order to meet the needs of anyone with the cash to throw around $60,000+ USD… »5/14/08 10:20am5/14/08 10:20am