Dwyane Wade Loves Books About Muscle Cars

While looking through the New York Times Magazine spread on Dwyane Wade, the Miami New Times blog wondered what exactly was on Wade's bookshelf in one picture. It turns out he has a fair collection of muscle car literature. » 6/07/12 4:30pm 6/07/12 4:30pm

Ad Watch: Dwyane Wade's Dream Is To Give Away A Lincoln Navigator?

I'm really not sure why Ford keeps needing to attach celebrities to its ad campaigns — like this new commercial starring NBA superstar Dwyane Wade by the folks at Young & Rubicam of the especially blingtastic 2007 Lincoln Navigator — complimenting the already celeb-heavy "Bold Moves" campaign and of course Toby… » 11/19/06 2:06pm 11/19/06 2:06pm