Austria's Joerg Haider At Three Times Legal Alcohol Limit At Time Of Fatal Crash

We recently told you about the death of far-right Austrian politician Joerg Haider »10/15/08 12:40pm10/15/08 12:40pm at the wheel of his . What we didn't know at the time was that Haider was thoroughly loaded when he plowed his VeeDub into a concrete pillar, registering 1.8 g/L — more than three times the Austrian legal alcohol limit. The politician…

Plan on Dying From DUI This Holiday? Win a Free Coffin!

A newspaper in St. Mary's, Maryland is offering a free coffin to the first person to kill themselves in a drunk driving accident over the holiday season. The editor's brother was killed by a drunk driver in 1975 and has been crusading against drunk driving ever since. It's a compelling message, though we wonder how… »12/07/07 9:30am12/07/07 9:30am

Pay it Back: Haley Joel Osment Faces DWI, Possession Charges After Saturn Flip

Ruh roh. Looks like Haley Joel "I See Dead Publicists" Osment's VH1-special resume is widening. The former child star's awkward year just keeps getting worse. Last month, he barrel-rolled a '95 Saturn in Los Angeles after a party; now he faces up to six months in jail on charges of driving drunk and possessing… »8/18/06 3:02pm8/18/06 3:02pm