DAFamino Madness Grips Vermont By The Throat

The DAF Club of America held a Micro/Mini Madness event [Update: next to] the live free or die state over the weekend. And didn't invite us! Which would be like having a Dead Kennedys reunion without Jello Biafra Genesis reunion without Peter Gabriel. We wouldn't have been able to go anyhow, as we were tied up in… » 7/13/07 9:15am 7/13/07 9:15am

The Dutch Stole the Dorky Gyroscopic Scooter Thingy: Segways Banned in…

While we'll forever smile at the goofy little Segway for almost succeeding where so many pretzels assassins haven't even bothered to try, we're with the Dutch on this one. The rent-a-authority-figures outside our favorite pub ride Segways. And they do nothing but wear loud yellow shirts and get in the way of people… » 1/05/07 1:00pm 1/05/07 1:00pm

DAF vs. FAF: Nailing Shut Davey G's Coffin; The DAF 66 YA

Around the time Nixon resigned, the Dutch military realized that they were wasting an awful lot of money for all-wheel drive Jeeps that never left the pavement. If Luxemburg should attack, something less potent would do just fine. So the brass commissioned the best (and only) clutch-thieving Dutch carmaker to create… » 12/11/06 9:15pm 12/11/06 9:15pm