Fiat Portofino Concept Adds Nautical Vibe, Subtracts Doors, Roof, Floor

Fiat is hoping to recapture the spirit of the Fiat 500 Jolly »8/27/08 5:00pm8/27/08 5:00pm beach cruiser with their Fiat Portofino Concept, set to debut at this year's . Based on the platform, the Portofino carries with it a nautical theme like the one found on the . In this case, getting nautical means swapping the floors out for wood and…


Volkswagen Caddy Topos Sail Design Concept, For When You Can't Take Out Your Dinghy

Volkswagen is showing up in style to the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon with the Topos Caddy Sail Design Concept, a version of their Caddy commercial van converted to mimic the style and functionality of a sailboat. Rather than just adding some pinstripes and wood siding, the Topos Sail concept has a working wooden deck… »8/27/08 3:20pm8/27/08 3:20pm