Detroit Auto Show: Ford's TwinForce Turbo V6 Delivers Power of a V8

Where have we heard that before? Hmmm...? Was it in Barcelona? Wait, OK, so you take a V6, you strap two-turbos to it.... Europe for sure... Oh, wait, I know. This is exactly what BMW has already done in the 335i. Only, here in FoMoCo's preview, the engine pumps out an awesome 415hp and an even mo'better 400lbs. ft… »1/07/07 2:38pm1/07/07 2:38pm

Whither, Koenigsegg? Caterham Unofficially Breaks Top Gear Lap Record

And speaking of Cosworth ... If you thought the Koenigsegg CCX's dominance of the Top Gear test track was unassailable, there's a little matter of the Caterham CSR 260 we'd like to point out. Piloted by a member of Dunlop's Injection team, the little Cat — powered by a Cosworth-stroked 2.3-liter Ford Duratec —… »10/18/06 9:33am10/18/06 9:33am