The Art Of Car Logos

Artist Timothy Raines focuses much of his talent on automobile logos in his series "Brand As Art." He makes the Cavillino in these works Rampante and spreads Bentley's wings with a triptych. Glorious and gorgeous! » 11/20/09 2:45pm 11/20/09 2:45pm

Consumers Pick White As Most Popular Car Color... Again

North American car buyers again chose white as the most popular new car color for 2008, besting silver for the second year in a row in DuPont's study of color popularity with 20% of car purchases. Is this mere color preference or pointing to a deeper trend? » 12/09/08 11:45am 12/09/08 11:45am

'Appetite For Color' To Tarnish Silver?

As the driver of a silver vehicle, we feel like we're Q-shippin' it. Or we would be if our truck weren't so durned slow. Anybody got a spare supercharger for a 318 Magnum lying around? In any event, research by DuPont shows that while silver's reign as the color of choice for the last six years is starting to wane,… » 11/29/05 5:56pm 11/29/05 5:56pm