This Dune Buggy Fiero Is A Bad Idea Done Right

If a friend told me that he had this totally bitchin' idea about transforming a Fiero into a Jeepesque dune buggy, I'd tell him that he needs to check the expiration date on his meds. But somehow this mid engined dune runner pulls off a great beach buggy vibe and actually looks cool. Cut fenders, roll tube… »4/13/15 1:41pm4/13/15 1:41pm


Charles Manson's Evil Plans Involved A Crazy Dune Buggy Battalion

It's a strange feeling when you kind of agree with something that Charles Manson did. It's not a good feeling. But I just learned that Charles Manson's insane "Helter Skelter" global race war fever dream used battalions of VW and Porsche-based dune buggies as key components, and I gotta say, at least in this one… »5/06/13 2:28pm5/06/13 2:28pm

PCH, Legends of LeMons Edition: V12 Jaguar or V8 Dune Buggy?

The 429 Mustang II put up a good fight in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, but only a French or Italian car really stands a chance against a Triumph GT6 when it comes to true Project Car Hell. Still, every so often you need to let a PCH underdog take on one of the superpowers. We're going to try it again today,… »3/27/08 5:18pm3/27/08 5:18pm

DAF vs. FAF: Storming the Beaches with the DAF Dune Buggy!!!

Rubber bands, boxer engine, fiberglass body, retro-design and a inflatable dolphin! And yeah, it's a Camino. You cannot find a hotter and/or uglier ride anywhere. I checked. Davey, you have no victory. The Dutch karate is too strong. More topless, clutchless, eyesore-ness after the jump. »12/13/06 12:00am12/13/06 12:00am

Dune Boggle: Car and Driver Drives the Meyers Manxter

You thought the dune buggy went the way of Murph the Surf? No way, fink boy. Bruce Meyers, the guy who created and marketed the fiberglass buggy body that would become as recognizable an icon of motoring as the '65 Mustang — the Meyers Manx — still has a going concern for the cute little buggers. In fact, you can get… »5/23/06 10:30am5/23/06 10:30am