This Is How You Assemble One Of Those Massive Dump Trucks

Funny story, about those absolutely enormous dump trucks miners use. They are so absolutely, monumentally, gigonormously enormous, you can’t exactly just build one and then drive it over to the job site. You actually have to build one, ship it in pieces, and then assemble it once you get there. This is what that looks… »6/05/15 9:05pm6/05/15 9:05pm


Caterpillar 793, World's Coolest Dump Truck, Now With Electric Drive

The colossal Caterpillar 793 is one of the coolest pieces of heavy machinery on the planet. Traditionally powered by immense 16-cylinder engines churning out over 2000 HP, we're now being told by Caterpillar that a new electric-drive version is on the way. But don't think that means it's going soft. The new 793F AC… »9/24/08 12:45pm9/24/08 12:45pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco-D Concept Dump Truck

Well, that's not a headline you get to write every day. Our youths of digging holes to China and racing Tonka Trucks with a little brother in the dump bed have instilled a quiet respect for the rugged and purpose built nature of dump trucks. We could never have imagined one looking so hot. Unfortunately, the presser… »10/25/07 1:15pm10/25/07 1:15pm