​People Are Getting So Fat We're Making Obese Crash Test Dummies

Humanetics has been developing crash test dummies since the 1950s, beginning with aerospace research and eventually moving into automotive world. Now, 60 years later, it's developing the first obese crash dummy because, dammit, we love our 64-ounce Cokes and want to order a Doritos Locos Taco through an app. »10/28/14 7:20pm10/28/14 7:20pm


Ford Builds Better Dummies Now, Will Focus On Building Better Cars And Trucks Later?

The one big piece of news out of FoMoCo this week (other than the HOG Edition F-150 of course!) appears to be the leading role they're playing in development of an abdominal insert for pediatric crash dummies. Yup, the once proud automaker's now fallen to this — issuing press releases on how good they are at making… »5/24/07 12:00pm5/24/07 12:00pm