Here's Some Old School Ferrari Camouflaging

Do you remember the best camouflage ever? This is far from it. It's the prototype of the Ferrari 288 GTO from 1983, and there was some duct tape involved in the hiding process. Enzo Ferrari knew duct tape makes everything better. » 3/14/13 10:39am 3/14/13 10:39am

Honda Civic Declared Current Winner in Monster Car Wars

When reader keeble tipped us to this two photo set, we almost had a cargasm. This monsterized Honda Civic DX has set our deranged little hearts aflutter. We've tasked a pack of monkeys in the cellar to feverishly calculate how Jalopnik this thing is. Not only does the car make liberal use of duct tape as a means of… » 1/30/08 4:00pm 1/30/08 4:00pm