Fiat Delivers Custom Ducato For Papal Service

Not satisfied with it's test of the Chrysler faithful, Fiat has delivered a customized Ducato van to the Papal motorpool for use in touring parts of the Italian countryside destroyed by the recent earthquake. » 5/05/09 10:30am 5/05/09 10:30am

Fiat's Gone Mad: The Ducato Truckster

Having introduced it in Madrid earlier this year, Fiat showed off the Ducato Truckster at the Paris show earlier today, proving that the company's gone just about as batshit insane as can be imagined without an absinthe bender and a toke on Gary Busey's peace pipe. It's the company's take on a racing truck, based on… » 9/28/06 2:47pm 9/28/06 2:47pm

Ducato Truckster Concept Debuts in Madrid

There's more evidence that someone's piping gaseous psychocybin into the Fiat Style Centre. The company's unveiling its latest creation, the Ducato Truckster (not to be confused with the Family Truckster), at the Madrid motor show this week. Built in collaboration with Bosch, Behr, Sumitomo Group, Denso Thermal… » 5/25/06 11:48am 5/25/06 11:48am