Toyota Brings A Ducati To SEMA Via Big Red Custom Tundra

Toyota apparently wanted a little of that Italian passion mixed into its Toyota Tundra »11/05/08 12:00pm11/05/08 12:00pm crew cab for . Engineers stretched the frame and dropped on an awesome 6.5-foot bed set-up with all kinds of storage for track day support, then slathered the whole thing in red paint. The truck actually looks pretty darn slick in…


Sony Ericsson Teams With Ducati For Cell Phone, Rich Dudes In Loveless Marriages Rejoice!

Since Motorola is the phone of Ferrari, Sony Ericsson has decided to jump on the rest of the dentist-anesthesiologist demo with a Ducati-branded Z770 cell phone. The big difference here is that Ducati bikes are appealing and svelte, while this mobile phone isn't. Like most auto-branded cell phones, the Z770 will… »6/06/08 3:40pm6/06/08 3:40pm

Michael Schumacher Rides Ducati At Valencia, Throws Down Stellar Lap Time

Schumi's got to have one of the busiest retirements we've ever seen. When the seven-time Formula One winner's not testing the 599 GTB on the Nordschleife, or spending time as the consigliere to the Ferrari F1 team, he's apparently having a go at other forms of racing. Like this past weekend when the legend of the… »11/08/07 9:15am11/08/07 9:15am

Fifth Gear Pits Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Against A Ducati 1098

The latest episode of the Beeb's other driving show saw Tiff race the new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera head-to-head against Brit superbike racer Leon Haslam on a Ducati 1098. It's similar to an earlier match-up Final Gear ran between the standard Gallardo and a Ducati 999. That time the Ducati won by a hair. We… »9/21/07 12:15pm9/21/07 12:15pm

Hunter S. Thompson on Ducatis and the Cult of Speed

We love motorcycles, but we admit that we will probably never own a Ducati. They, like their four-wheeled bretheren from Ferrari and Lamborghini, make an absolutely glorious noise. But after years of crashing BMX bikes and having managed to flip a quad, we will most likely buy a vintage Britbike to putter down to the… »8/02/06 3:30pm8/02/06 3:30pm