Good God The Ducati Scrambler Sounds Amazing

There was never any doubt the Ducati Scrambler was going to sound good. It's using a variant of the same V-twin as the old Monster 796, which always delivered an unmistakable Italian aria once it was uncorked. But nothing prepared us for the aural delights of the new Duc with its first aftermarket can. Oh yes, the… »12/02/14 12:27pm12/02/14 12:27pm

​The 2015 Ducati Multistrada Is Four Bikes Rolled Into One

If I'm honest, I'd take this new Ducati Multistrada over the just-announced 1299 Panigale in a heartbeat. I love sports bikes as much as the next leather-clad Power Ranger, but the dual – no, quad – purpose Duc has got a lot going for it. Except for that beak. Damn. And we thought Acura took the cake for worst schnoz. »11/03/14 5:13pm11/03/14 5:13pm

Haters-Be-Damned, The Ducati Scrambler Is Rad

Everyone with a keyboard and an opinion has been dissing the new Ducati Scrambler before the first pic landed. Yes, the endless teasers were loathsome, the hipster-driven social media campaign was inane, and I still don't know what the hell this thing was about. But the haters are brand-fellating elitists without a… »9/30/14 1:36pm9/30/14 1:36pm