The Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro Is Here, Because Turning Things Into Trackers Is Hard

On the one hand, the idea that Ducati thinks people are so dumb that they can’t tracker-ize the regular Scrambler is pretty insulting. On the other hand, this Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro is pretty damn cool. This one got lost in the new bike fray of EICMA a bit, but is well worth taking a gander at. »Wednesday 12:55pm11/25/15 12:55pm


2016 Ducati 959 Panigale: Bigger Motor For Better Emissions

You’re going to see a lot of existing bikes get major motor tweaks this year as Euro IV rolls tighter emissions controls across the industry. That’s why the Speed Triple got a mostly-new engine that’s mostly the same and its why the 899 Panigale is now the new Ducati 959 Panigale. Complete with shotgun exhaust… »11/16/15 2:25pm11/16/15 2:25pm

Is Ducati About To Release An Off Road Adventure Version Of The Multistrada?

The Ducati Multistrada is a wonderful, nearly uncrashable long as you keep it on the pavement. It seems Bologna might be fed up with people laughing at their silly little wheels from their well-farkled German machines, but that might not be the case much longer. »11/05/15 6:32pm11/05/15 6:32pm