Jalopnik Is Not Jim Cramer, Please Do Not Buy, Buy, Buy On Our Recommendations

In the course of a normal day we receive dozens of emails from readers who have questions about what we've written, praise for our prose or a desire to see us murdered in various ways for daring to impugn the good name of the Chrysler Sebring. It is therefore a special moment when an email actually catches us off… »10/21/08 2:00pm10/21/08 2:00pm

GM Debuts Second Generation Hybrid System, Slightly Less Mild

Rick Wagoner, GM Chairman and Just For Men model, was on hand in Geneva to announce the second generation of GM's mild hybrid two-mode system currently found in trucks such as the 2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid and, soon, in FWD vehicles like the Saturn Vue. The biggest change is the addition of a lithium-ion battery supplied… »3/04/08 10:30am3/04/08 10:30am