M-Power! Five Things We Know About BMW's Dual Clutch Transmission

Add another true automanual tranny to the growing list. Call it the M double-clutch transmission with DriveLogic. It's BMW's new 7-speed switchgear that's shipping with the new M3s, and likely will replace the divisive, largely poky and cumbersome — that is, without some serious futzing — M-Sequential (SMG / SMG II)… »1/18/08 8:42am1/18/08 8:42am

Pretty Damn Kwick: Porsche Set To Launch Dual-Clutch Gearbox, Call it PDK

Straight off the editor's desk from the News That Surprises No One Department comes more info on Porsche's coming double-clutch manumatic gearbox. (That means one clutch handles the odd gears while a separate clutch toggles the evens.) According to the UK's What Car, they're calling the tranny, "Porsche Doppel… »6/20/07 9:00am6/20/07 9:00am

DSG Rivalry: Ford Betting on Getrag Dual-Clutch System for Future Models

Whither the autoboxes and CVT clockworks? Automotive News is reporting Volvo's S40 and V50 oil burners in Europe will come with dual-clutch transmissions, which can be shifted like manuals or run in automatic mode, starting in late 2007. The cars won't be getting the slick Borg-Warner box that turned once manual-only… »12/18/06 9:33am12/18/06 9:33am