How to Do a J-Turn in the Snow

Among stunt-driving moves, none is as satisfying (and relatively safe) as a J-turn. Doing a J-turn on pavement takes some skill, but a snowy parking lot? That's like training wheels for J-turns. Here's how to do it. » 1/20/11 11:45am 1/20/11 11:45am

Cadillac XTS Is The New STS/DTS?

Despite reports it was dead, today at GM's design studios, a bunch of Twitterati were shown a concept for the new Cadillac STS/DTS full-size replacement. It's called the Cadillac XTS — at least in concept form. But wait, there's more! » 8/10/09 11:31am 8/10/09 11:31am

Train Skewers Car Carrier In Washington, Gets Cadillac DTS Hood Ornament

Last Friday in Kent, Washington, a train hit a car transporter stopped on the rails. Nobody was injured in the incident, but the train engine made off with a sweet new Cadillac DTS hood ornament. » 2/03/09 3:30pm 2/03/09 3:30pm

Obama To Get New, Giant Truck-Based Cadillac Presidential Limo

UPDATE: Obama's New Cadillac Limo Officially Unveiled!
With a new president set to take the office, GM is working on a new version of "Cadillac One" for President-Elect Barack Obama — and it's a monster. According to our sources, the new President's state car may look like a stretched Cadillac DTS but is actually… » 11/10/08 12:30pm 11/10/08 12:30pm

Cadillac May Can STS, DTS Replacements

Bloomberg reports that GM is currently evaluating the future of replacement models for the Cadillac STS and DTS sedans. It suggests that a single model could now replace both cars, or Cadillac could drop out of the large luxury barge segment altogether. But why would Cadillac drop out of the market it has come to… » 8/12/08 4:40pm 8/12/08 4:40pm

GM To Idle Hamtramck Assembly Due To American Axle Strike

Reuters is reporting General Motors will be idling its Hamtramck Assembly plant on Monday as a result of the ongoing strike at American Axle. The Detroit area plant currently builds the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne and joins 30 other plants affected by the parts shortages. Though shuttering plants is never good… » 3/28/08 11:30am 3/28/08 11:30am

EcoBoost is the New Turbo Boost? Prototype Taurus Drag Races BMW And…

Oh man, has Ford figured out a way to get us to post a long and boring video about their plans for creating a sustainable business with environmentally sustainable technology. They drag race the Taurus above against a DTS and 3-series Bimmer and manage to win (though, no word on what powerplants in either the BMW or… » 1/09/08 5:30pm 1/09/08 5:30pm

Cadillac to Merge DTS, STS Into New Model

With sales of the largest new Cadillacs sagging, the American luxo-barge company with the French moniker told Automotive News it plans to replace the DTS and STS with a single model. That car will be a yet-unnamed premium-luxury model, though the company's offering no details. The company's also considering an… » 9/17/07 11:00am 9/17/07 11:00am

Bush Limo Breaks Down In Rome, Bush Walks

Why yes, that IS the President of the United States of 'merica being forced to walk after his Cadillac DTS experiences a minor "engine issue" while in Rome this past weekend. We could make some kind of a joke about bullshit walking, but really, does the man deserve any more ridicule. I mean it Italian people, stop… » 6/11/07 3:15pm 6/11/07 3:15pm

ForbesAutos Whips Out List Of Cheapest Billionaires

We've got to give ForbesAutos some credit. They're most often known for their lists of the most expensive and most prestigious car lists around. This time they've gone a bit sideways, looking for the players with the most bank, but with the least prestigious cars. That's right — there's a great number of folks with… » 3/09/07 9:45am 3/09/07 9:45am

Cadillac Has A Big Thing For Timberlake's "Dick In A Box"

We've been laughing at the SNL skit "Dick In A Box" all week, even more so after NBC embraced the edginess of the Justin Timberlake sketch by releasing the "uncensored" version onto YouTube and NBC's own site. We were even more interested to see who would drop the marketing dough to get it's brand associated with… » 12/21/06 3:38pm 12/21/06 3:38pm

LA Auto Show Preview: Cadillac Drops A Limited-Edition Trio Of…

Right before the LA Auto Show begins, Cadillac's gone and released the embargoed doors on pictures and a press release for three of their show vehicles — and guess, what — although the press release claims Caddy's "extending its luxury tradition with limited-edition versions of XLR Roadster, and STS, DTS Sedans" — in… » 11/28/06 12:37pm 11/28/06 12:37pm

Cadillac Does Away With the Ice Scraper

The new Cadillac DTS will get a feature us Northern types devise in our heads each winter, as we scratch at ice-glazed windshields until our ungloved fingers look like tiny, veal sausages. The Cadillac flagship will get a new windshield-wash system that heats fluid to 176 degrees in 40 seconds, then shoots it across… » 9/30/05 1:08pm 9/30/05 1:08pm