Amazing On Board Video From Last Weekend's DTM Race

Check out this adrenaline filled video Gary Paffett just tweeted. It's the onboard view from his MB AMG C-Coupe DTM car. You can see the guys bumping each other and flames shooting out the sides of other drivers vehicles as they get close. Also, Dat Noise and those fast, sweet, DTM asses! » 6/04/13 6:03pm 6/04/13 6:03pm

The DTM Special BMW M3 Is As Black As The Original

The current M3 is great for turning into a racecar, but also very good at being the ultimate poser machine. The new DTM Champion Edition is cool though, because it was made to celebrate a racecar, and the brand's success in October, when the Canadian Bruno Spengler won the German Touring Car Championship for the… » 12/06/12 9:30am 12/06/12 9:30am

Watch Kim Dotcom Race An F1 Driver In Video 'Seized By The FBI'

Before Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom came under pressure from the feds he shot this video of himself and partner Finn Batato racing Germany's famed Nürburgring racing circuit in three of his crazy cars with F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. According to Dotcom the final edit was "seized by the FBI." » 4/26/12 1:30pm 4/26/12 1:30pm