Remembering Audi's Championship-Winning V8 Quattro DTM Car

There are a few golden moments in motorsports, not the least of which being the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) in the late '80s. It was one of the most sideways, door-banging series of all time, and we often forget one of its heroes. » 2/04/15 10:16am 2/04/15 10:16am

BMW's Extra-Long "Enter All The Sportscars" Press Release, tl;dr'd

BMW, like any company worth its salt who wants to stay in good graces with enthusiasts despite making bigger, heavier and more complicated cars, does a lot of racing. Recently, they sent out a wall of text outlining their extensive motorsport plans for next year. Here is the tl;dr version for your convenience. » 12/07/14 10:02am 12/07/14 10:02am

Susie Wolff Just Can't Get Her DTM Car To Do A Burnout

Mercedes recently hosted its Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart for the year, and apparently DTM cars aren't the burnout machines you'd think they'd be. Poor Susie Wolff just can't get hers to break traction. » 12/06/14 4:55pm 12/06/14 4:55pm

So DTM In America Isn't Dead After All

With IMSA's resources focused on conducting first season of the TUDOR United SportsCar championship, legacy projects like the DTM in America were moved down the list of immediate priorities. More than a month removed from the season finale at Petit Le Mans, however, IMSA CEO Ed Bennett provided a number of updates on… » 11/11/14 1:14pm 11/11/14 1:14pm

Watch The Driverless Audi RS7 Fly Around A Track All By Itself

Machines! The machines are here to replace us, starting with the Audi RS7 Piloted Driving Concept. One day they're doing a 150 mph parade lap around Hockenheimring, the next a robot is punting your head across the room like a soccer ball. » 10/21/14 9:58am 10/21/14 9:58am

This Is The Closest Your BMW M4 Will Get To Being A Touring Car

Marco Wittman just won himself the 2014 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters drivers' championship in his fancy rainbow-covered racing version of the 2015 BMW M4. Congrats, Marco! Now BMW wants you to feel like you can be a champion too with this special edition M4. » 10/20/14 9:51am 10/20/14 9:51am

Night Rain, Stock Sports

NASCAR has recently announced its new rule package for 2015, which - among many - includes rain tires and all sorts of accessories to be deployed in case of wet conditions at road courses. Sounds great on the surface, but the ultimate question is: why? » 9/27/14 10:33am 9/27/14 10:33am

Accident At Mercedes DTM Demo Leaves Two Bystanders Injured

Mercedes was doing a PR event earlier today with the German national soccer team and their DTM car. Two bystanders were unexpectedly on the closed circuit and were struck by the car. Sounds like a truly horrible situation. » 5/27/14 12:55pm 5/27/14 12:55pm

This is Audi's new RS 5 DTM car. It's worth noting that NASCAR owns the rights to DTM in the United States. Please bring that up the that next time you talk to anyone with the last name "France." » 3/04/14 1:37pm 3/04/14 1:37pm

This Is The New BMW M4 DTM Racer

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, AKA DTM, AKA German Touring Masters, AKA German touring car racing, is huge in Germany. Really huge. Which is why when BMW designs a race car for the new season, they pull out all the stops. This is the new BMW M4 DTM. » 3/01/14 10:09am 3/01/14 10:09am

A BMW DTM Racecar Is Pure Pornography To A Car Geek

It looks like a GT car, but under the skin, Martin Tomczyk's BMW M3 DTM racecar is a bespoke racing car. A carbon chassis, 480 horsepower and access to the full BMW factory Motorsport team. A good day at the office for Chris Harris. » 12/05/13 3:43pm 12/05/13 3:43pm

Ride Along at the DTM's Best and Craziest Circuit

The first video is from Dani Juncadella's AMG C-Coupe. He is just battling Martin Tomczyk, and ends up putting the BMW driver into the wall. » 7/16/13 3:03pm 7/16/13 3:03pm

Motorsports Comes To Jerusalem With The 'Peace Road Show'

Formula One, DTM, and a whole host of other varieties of racing landed in what might as well have been an alien planet for how out of place it was this week – Jerusalem, Israel. » 6/16/13 11:06am 6/16/13 11:06am

Top Ten DTM Crashes Since 2000

The Official DTM YouTube Channel just released a spectacular compilation of car crashes that have occured since the start of the modern DTM era. Not much else to say except sit back and watch the action. » 6/08/13 3:26pm 6/08/13 3:26pm

Amazing On Board Video From Last Weekend's DTM Race

Check out this adrenaline filled video Gary Paffett just tweeted. It's the onboard view from his MB AMG C-Coupe DTM car. You can see the guys bumping each other and flames shooting out the sides of other drivers vehicles as they get close. Also, Dat Noise and those fast, sweet, DTM asses! » 6/04/13 6:03pm 6/04/13 6:03pm

DTM LIVE on YouTube

DTM qualifying and racing is available on YouTube - the place where /DRIVE lives - on the YT DTM Channel. BrandHatch is May 18 / 19. Saturday Qualifying went to BMW. » 5/18/13 11:38am 5/18/13 11:38am

This Audi Racing Team Dressed Up As Iron Man For Best Tie-In Ever

Audi has some very obvious product placement in Iron Man, which means that Audi's DTM (German touring car) race crew in Germany gets these Iron Man-style suits for their races. » 5/06/13 1:38pm 5/06/13 1:38pm

Watch A New BMW Touring Car Face Off Against A Classic One

Just in time to celebrate this weekend's race around the Hockenheimring, BMW has posted this video of their old E30 DTM M3, which won the championship in 1989, racing around the track against their modern DTM M3, which won the championship in 2012, because race car. » 5/04/13 2:00pm 5/04/13 2:00pm

DTM Seat Swap

2012 DTM champion Bruno Spengler and 1989 DTM champion Roberto Ravaglia drove each other's championship winning M3's around the Hockenheimring the other day. Bruno got about a 20 second head start in Ravaglia's E30 and got passed entering the arena section. This video is mostly just driving, the one after the jump… » 5/03/13 12:37pm 5/03/13 12:37pm

Audi May Invade America Through IndyCar

Audi has a tendency to dominate in whatever motor racing endeavor it enters, from rally to LMP racing at Le Mans. The news that Audi is considering entering the IndyCar series, with its famous namesake race, may come as a bit of a worry, then, to Chevrolet and Honda, the current engine suppliers to the series. » 4/14/13 10:50am 4/14/13 10:50am