Drunk Driver Leads Cops on High Speed Chase to Her Preferred Jail

Luz Avilla, 34, of Chickasha, Okla., led cops on a high speed chase this week because she wanted to be booked into a certain jail. The accommodations in Caddo County are preferable to those in Grady County, apparently. » 7/02/14 10:58am 7/02/14 10:58am

This Is The Most Despicable Drunk Driver I've Ever Seen

First off, fuck this guy. He's so wasted that not only does he crash his tinted windows SUV into multiple trees, he doesn't even care. He flips off the camera and then tries to hitchhike a ride. » 11/07/13 12:05pm 11/07/13 12:05pm

The Grim Life Of Korean Designated Drivers

We've all heard about various services that let folks who've swilled a few too many Everclear-and-Hawaiian-Punch cocktails dial a number and have a sober driver show up to drive them home in their own cars (Top Gear has documented such a service in London, for example). However, the South Korean version of this… » 7/11/07 4:30pm 7/11/07 4:30pm