Tony La Russa Not Convincing in Field Sobriety Tests

Both Jalopnik and sister site Deadspin covered news of Cardinals manager Tony La Russa being a sleepy drunk driver back in March, but now we can see the video evidence. On November 28th, prosecutors in the case finally released the video from the cruiser and booking proceedings. Frankly, we're surprised that Mr. La… » 12/05/07 5:45pm 12/05/07 5:45pm

Naked Man Causes Accident on I-95, We Find His MySpace Page

In what must be the most interesting thing to happen in Delaware since the Revolutionary War, Ardonas Gilbert was arrested for running around naked and drunk on Interstate-95. Passing motorists tried to stop him, but he attacked them and ran cursing back onto the Interstate, causing three separate accidents. Who is… » 11/21/07 1:00pm 11/21/07 1:00pm

Drunk Dad Passes Out While Pumping Gas

I can only guess what issues Wes Anderson has with his father, but I'm fairly sure the senior Anderson has nothing on this delinquent dad from Auckland, New Zealand. With his two year-old girl in the car, he drove into a local gas station and attempted to pump gas. Nothing strange there. But, allegedly, he was so… » 3/27/07 4:45pm 3/27/07 4:45pm