What Would It Take to Drive Boston's Snow to California?

As we deal with two winters in the U.S.—warm and dry out west, cold and snowy in the Northeast—exasperated Californians watched as Boston got nearly 100 inches of snow in a month. The storms brought up a common question among parched westerners: what would it take to ship Boston's snow to California? »2/23/15 5:09pm2/23/15 5:09pm

Georgia Employees in Increasingly Rare Hot Water Over Car Washes

Since it hasn't rained in Georgia in something like one million years, the state is on the verge of a Mad Max-esque , post-apocolyptic future. Because of this, Lord Humungous the Governor ordered state employees to stop washing their cars in order to preserve some of the liquid gold. Apparently, not everyone got that… »12/10/07 2:15pm12/10/07 2:15pm