What Would You Drive To Your High School Reunion?

A few years back, we actually ponied up the $80 to attend our 10-year reunion, but got the dates screwed up and missed it. Still, a few friends of ours did make it, and the reports were excellent. The bullying jock we hated the most is not only pushing 400 pounds and saddled with a couple of illegitimate offspring,… »8/22/07 12:15pm8/22/07 12:15pm

Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: 1931 Daimler Double Six 50 Corsica Drophead Coupe

You have been warned. Anyone who votes against the Daimler Double Six 50 Sport Corsica Drophead Coupe's induction into the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage will be ceremoniously banned, without possibility of appeal. Sayonara. Auf Wiedersehen. Fugedaboudit. [Not really, but you get the sentiment — ed.] However, we are not… »4/03/07 1:00pm4/03/07 1:00pm

Detroit Auto Show: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Bows, Barons Rejoice

A late-'70s Lincoln for the experimental jet set, Eurotrash and stars, the Phantom Drophead Coup shed its tarp at the Detroit Auto Show. The chaps who brought the news from Crewe to Goodwood under the leadership of their Bavarian overlords call it such things as a "less formal interpretation of classic Rolls Royce… »1/09/07 10:15am1/09/07 10:15am

Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe Surfaces Ahead of Detroit Auto Show Appearance

Official pics of the new Rolls-Royce drophead (that's convertible, yank) hit the webs last night, bringing full circle the narrative thread started with the 100EX concept in 2004. The newest of swank ragtops, which shares its mechanicals with the Phantom, will enjoy its deb ball at the Detroit show next month, ahead… »12/27/06 7:41am12/27/06 7:41am