Friendly Chopper Pilot Plucks R/C Aircraft From Tree, Gives Back To Kid

Tension has been rising between the remote controlled aircraft community and mainstream aviation. With the consumer "drone" market exploding in recent years, even the FAA is having trouble figuring out exactly how to regulate the situation. So it is nice to see that some pilots still remember what it is like wishing… » 7/20/14 2:26pm Sunday 2:26pm

Hamas Says This Is Video Of Their Armed Drone

Drones, especially ones with weapons attached, have traditionally been the purview of sophisticated state actors. They first really came to prominence through NATO use during the Balkan conflict, and have since been used by the US, Russia, Israel, and many others. And now Hamas says they have one, too. » 7/14/14 4:18pm 7/14/14 4:18pm

A Drone Shows You Fireworks Like You've Never Seen Them

From tactical to practical, unmanned aircraft systems are becoming a more constant presence in our everyday lives, and one of the reasons for this is that they are expendable to varying degrees. Flying a camera equipped drone through a barrage of fireworks is just another indication of this, albeit a spectacular one. » 7/04/14 6:09pm 7/04/14 6:09pm

FAA Nixes Drone-Based Delivery Before It Even Gets Off The Ground

Oh, FAA. Why do you have to ban everything fun? First convertible jumbo jets, then the Sex Blimp business, now this. Tucked away deep inside a document titled Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft there's a chart, and on that chart is the end of Amazon's skybot-delivery plans. » 6/24/14 7:40pm 6/24/14 7:40pm

Did The Drone That Had A Near Miss With A Plane Belong To The USAF?

Yesterday, a story concerning a US Airways CRJ-200's near miss with a mystery drone while on approach to Tallahassee Regional Airport made big news. The aircrew stated that the aircraft looked like a small unmanned F-4 Phantom wearing camouflage paint. The event occurred at around 2,300 feet. » 5/11/14 5:46pm 5/11/14 5:46pm

Exclusive Pics Of What Could Be The Navy's First Stealth Combat Drone

Aviation photographer Ian Tate caught quite the sight while spotting at General Atomics' drone plant located in the Mojave Desert. He was hoping to catch one of their Predator or Reaper UAVs, but instead he caught one of the elusive test articles that the company is betting its unmanned future on, the stealthy Avenger. » 5/03/14 5:56pm 5/03/14 5:56pm

Hobby Drones As Guided Bombs And The Rise Of Laser Defense Systems

"Drones" are changing the world's view of aviation rapidly. At first, larger models such as the Predator and Global Hawk took center-stage in the public's consciousness, but now small unmanned aircraft, some the size of lunchbox or even smaller, are capturing the public's imagination and keeping defense and homeland… » 5/01/14 12:13pm 5/01/14 12:13pm

Hollywood Already Did Top Gun II... And It Was Terrible

It looks like Top Gun II is back on again after the death of Tony Scott shot the sequel project down to earth in a ball of flames. Our sister site i09 has it that Top Gun II's plot will feature Tom Cruise proving that a human in the cockpit still cannot be beat by a drone. The only problem is that this movie has… » 4/02/14 4:28pm 4/02/14 4:28pm

This Hovering French Drone Is Coming To Watch You From 13 Miles Up

The space division of French aerospace firm Thales Alenia is developing a drone/blimp hybrid called the StratoBus. The company claims many functions for the blimp including observation, meteorology, and telecom, but if you watched the video, you'll be thinking "spy blimp." » 3/26/14 2:18pm 3/26/14 2:18pm

This Drone Survival Guide will be a must-have for everyone very soon

This brilliant Drone Survival Guide contains "the silhouettes of the most common drone species used today and in the near future," each drawn to scale and marked as surveillance or killing machines. You can print it yourself (PDF) or order a folded offset print on Chromolux ALU-E mirrored paper. » 12/19/13 11:25am 12/19/13 11:25am