I Went To Formula 3 Driving School And It Was Terrifying And Amazing

I gave the brakes a light squeeze as I hit the bottom of the hill, and then pinned it as I aimed for the apex of turn three. As I progressed throughout the day my pace quickened, but this time it was a little too fast, when suddenly the back end of the car was passing the front and I was spinning in a $120,000 cloud… »11/06/15 2:07pm11/06/15 2:07pm


Learning To Drive Like A Champion At Mid-Ohio In The Most Unloved Acura Ever 

I may be the last person you’d ever want on your endurance racing team. Success in motorsport comes with talent and and experience, and while I’m no stranger to the track—not always in good ways!—I’ve never done any actual wheel-to-wheel racing before. So when I was tapped to race Road & Track at Mid-Ohio with… »10/22/15 2:27pm10/22/15 2:27pm