The Six Most Important Things You'll Learn At Racing School

I'm an embarrassingly slow driver, but I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to take part in a two-day race driving class at the Performance Driving Center at Sonoma Raceway and, while it didn't turn me into Mario Andretti, I'd like to pass on some of what I learned to any other rank but hopeful amateurs. »5/21/13 12:42pm5/21/13 12:42pm

Less Teenagers Applying For Driver's Licenses, What's The Matter With Kids Today?

A troubling report from our favorite NY Times editor, and no it doesn't involve poorly substantiated insinuations that Bill Ford had a sexual relationship with John McCain. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the rate of licensed 16-year-olds dropped from 43.8% in 1998 to just 29.8% in 2006. You'll… »2/26/08 12:45pm2/26/08 12:45pm

Today Show Highlights The Perils Of Driving In China; David Gregory Thinks All Of Asia Looks Alike

NBC's Today Show tells us this morning China's getting an extra 2,000 cars per day on city streets as the Socialist republic becomes more and more like the United States every day. One other problem they face similar to us? Nobody knows how to drive. As you'd expect it's causing 300 to 600 people being killed each… »4/23/07 9:29am4/23/07 9:29am

Spinelli Can You Hear Me: Maserati Fantasy Camp to Open in U.S.

Jalopnik's illustrious editor may be in Italy enjoying the country's food, wine and fine cars but anyone can remain on this side of the pond and experience Maserati's new driving school at Road Atlanta. The one and two day courses cost a cool $1,800 and $3,400 respectively and teaches how to "extract the most from… »4/25/06 3:23pm4/25/06 3:23pm