IIHS Suggests Driving Age Should Be Raised, Angering The Pimpled Masses

Those buzzkills over at the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) have indicated that they think the driving age should be raised in order to prevent deaths. The group points to lower fatality rates among teens in New Jersey, a state which doesn't grant full licenses to drivers until they're 18, compared to… »9/09/08 2:20pm9/09/08 2:20pm


Rules of the Road: Jalopnik's Guide To Teenage Driving Rules

It was a while before we got what the term "hardship license" meant, as we considered being able to drive when you're under the age of 16 a miracle. Later we learned to get one you generally have to be a farmer or have disabled parents, live in poverty and have a job. This all underlines the point that when you don't… »12/21/07 12:30pm12/21/07 12:30pm