British Driving Instructor Busted For Accepting Thousands In Bribes For…

Would you pay $4,500 to pass your driving exam? It sounds ludicrous, but more than 100 people in London were willing to fork that over to bribe a driving instructor for a license, according to the BBC. That instructor was arrested earlier today by police, who are investigating a "cash-for-pass" driver's license scam. » 2/20/13 6:18pm 2/20/13 6:18pm

REAL ID, Really: Secure Driver's License Rule Changes Proposed

It's called the REAL ID Act, and supporters claim it's a law designed to make it harder and more frustrating for terrorists and con artists to get government-issued ID. The Feds have spent the past couple of years working on all the deets, and now they've got 'em some rules which apparently they'll be looking to… » 1/11/08 7:55am 1/11/08 7:55am