Racing Drivers With Easter Bunnies Are The Best Thing Ever

Because today is Dia del Conejito, I'm going to whip out my collection of photos of racing drivers with Easter bunnies. Thankfully, my bunnies are pretty cute. I won't give you nightmare fuel like the folks at Nascarcasm did, unless you're B-Spec Fiesta racer Marc Sherrin above. Sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays. » 4/05/15 3:06pm 4/05/15 3:06pm


Who Races In Pirelli World Challenge? Old Hats, Fresh Meat And A Roush

Pirelli World Challenge is one of the fastest growing series right now, and they've got their second race of the season coming up this weekend at St. Petersburg. So, who's racing there, besides the already famous dudes like Eversley and Estré? We sat down with a few drivers to ask how they got into PWC at their… » 3/29/15 9:58am 3/29/15 9:58am

Sorry, No More F1 Drivers Are Driving For Porsche Or Nissan At Le Mans

Nissan and Porsche announced their 24 Hours of Le Mans driver lineups this week. Sorry, there will be no more Formula One cross-overs besides Nico Hulkenberg. No Jenson Button. No Fernando Alonso. If you need help coping with this, I recommend a good, long cry with your Fluffy Bunny. » 2/06/15 8:45pm 2/06/15 8:45pm

Ford "Nanny Key" For Teen Drivers Limits Vehicle Speed, Radio Volume

Ford has announced a new feature available on many 2010 models called "My Key," consisting of a programmable computer chip imbedded in the key that limits vehicle speed to 80 MPH. Designed for parents of teen drivers, the My Key system will also limit the stereo volume settings and sound a constant chime if seat belts… » 10/06/08 10:40am 10/06/08 10:40am

Goodyear Polyglas Tires Help Stereotypical Women Drivers

This commercial aired during the first Monday Night Football game in 1970 and proves just what everyone already knew: women can't drive worth a damn and need exceptional tires to compensate for the lack of driving ability. Of course, the woman in the video has to deal with construction, bumpy roads, detours and more… » 5/07/08 3:40pm 5/07/08 3:40pm

Road Safety Monitors Judge Your Driving Automatically

Who needs wife when you can have a tiny box with three LEDs constantly judging your driving? The U.K. military has begun testing a program that will monitor driving habits of its personnel. Installed in 200 vehicles is a system from Greenroad Technologies. It uses a green, yellow and red LEDs to rate your driving… » 4/07/08 4:45pm 4/07/08 4:45pm

Only Half of Polish Adults Drive (Insert Punchline)

In Post-Soviet Poland, cars drive... there are... well a majority of people don't drive cars. Almost all of the Polish-Americans we know drive (and living in Chicago, there are a lot) . But according to pollster Estymator, only half of Polish adults still living in Poland engage in the ancient art of driving. The… » 11/05/07 5:45pm 11/05/07 5:45pm

Connecticut Bus Drivers Should Be Thanked For Fattening Up Their Riders

I am a former fat kid. Yes, that's right, an FFK. Not to make things too personal here, but because of that I'm not so much a fan of McDonald's. Which is why I perked up to one of the promo pieces CNBC's got running for a special taking viewers "Inside the McDonald's Empire" tonight at 9 PM. The piece catching our… » 7/25/07 2:20pm 7/25/07 2:20pm

Today Show Highlights The Perils Of Driving In China; David Gregory Thinks All Of Asia Looks Alike

NBC's Today Show tells us this morning China's getting an extra 2,000 cars per day on city streets as the Socialist republic becomes more and more like the United States every day. One other problem they face similar to us? Nobody knows how to drive. As you'd expect it's causing 300 to 600 people being killed each… » 4/23/07 9:29am 4/23/07 9:29am