Unmanned in the Streets: China Company Demos Driverless Car

China's grandees may soon find themselves chauffeured in limos navigated by the people's microchips. A Chinese car company recently tested a luxury model that can recognize its enviroment, and handle such driver-intensive tasks as making a turnoff, stopping at street crossings, staying within roadway lines and… » 9/11/06 9:21am 9/11/06 9:21am

Golf, Drive Thyself: Volkswagen Builds Self-Driving Hatchback

Volkswagen's unveiled a fully self-driving hatchback that can take its meatware friends for a ride. Sporting a Byzantine system of sensors (radar and laser), sat-nav and software, the GTI can negotiate a race course, swerve through cones and hit speeds of up to 150 mph — whether it can clear a mountain pass or… » 7/03/06 8:55am 7/03/06 8:55am

Do You Want to Play a Game?: BMW's Thermal Imaging System in Action

Automotive portal AutoMotoPortal brings us this clip from BMW that shows its thermal-imaging "night vision" at work. Watch as the driver of a 7-Series avoids a man and a woman engaged in some midnight fitness activities on a desolate street. No, not that kind. That's a whole 'nuther kind of German video. » 5/10/06 12:34pm 5/10/06 12:34pm

GM to Launch Auto Pilot, of Sorts, on 2008 Opel Vectra

GM announced it will offer a self-driving system on the 2008 Opel Vectra. The system will use a camera, laser beams, heavy-duty computer algorithms and a small, green Martian named Kazoo (holla Flinstones!) to pilot the car at up to 60 mph in rush-hour traffic, while the driver reads a copy of Der Spiegel and munches… » 8/26/05 12:41pm 8/26/05 12:41pm