How You Can Sue An Automaker In Small Claims Court And Win

Yesterday, Heather Peters proved one woman can strike a blow against a major automaker when she succeeded in a landmark California case against Honda for making false claims about fuel economy.The key? Take them to small claims court. With her help, we've created this definitive step-by-step guide to how she, like a… »2/02/12 10:50am2/02/12 10:50am

Yes, The Check Engine Light Still Needs To Die

Aside from the one commenter who called me a "whiny retard" who hates human joy and another describing a scenario that basically had me killing my mother, my call to ban the check engine light inspired thoughtful and insightful comments. But there were several commonly-occurring threads throughout your comments that I… »1/19/12 3:00pm1/19/12 3:00pm

Meet The Speed Sisters, Palestinian Race Car Drivers Intent On Winning

Pictured above is Noor Daoud. She was born in Texas, likes fast cars, but also was on an Olympic swim team and on the Palestinian national soccer team. Right now, though, she's focused on racing Formula 3. According to reports, Daoud is the first Palestinian, male or female, to participate in and win an Israeli race.… »1/13/12 3:15pm1/13/12 3:15pm