Ten-Year-Old Drives Drunks Home, Rolls Van At 90 MPH

Last Sunday, a 10-year-old Tennessee boy was happily cruising along in a van at 90 MPH, taking some apparently too-drunk-to-drive associates home when he lost control and rolled the van, which came to rest on its roof. The only adults in the car, whose relation to the children (including another 10-year-old and one… » 10/08/08 4:40pm 10/08/08 4:40pm

Drunk, High, Naked Driver Crashes Into Parked Car While Masturbating... But Wait, There's More!

Canadian James Boppre, former owner of a successful landscaping business, was on parole with house arrest on condition of sobriety after drunk driving and weapons convictions. On the evening of July 30th, Boppre fell off the wagon in a serious way. It started out with booze and ended with Boppre crashing into a… » 8/21/08 1:40pm 8/21/08 1:40pm