A Tiny Hot Wheels Drift Track on Your Desk Is a Deadline Destroyer

Using a combination of ramps and a low-friction surface, tyotoys’ Phil Foss figured out how to get Hot Wheels cars to drift earlier this year. Ever since that revelation he’s been selling his Diecast Driftpads on his site, including a new ultra-compact version that can fit on the smallest of desks. »11/03/15 9:05am11/03/15 9:05am

Stanford Built An Autonomous DeLorean That Drifts

It’s likely you’re getting sick of all the Back to the Future-related content today, but I promise you that this one is a little different, since the chunk of electronics added to a DeLorean is real and actually works. Even better, it really does make this 2015 feel like an imagined future 2015, and most importantly,… »10/21/15 1:49pm10/21/15 1:49pm