Turbo could be the sweetest surprise of the summer

Every once in a while, there's an animated film that has a totally bizarre premise, which should not work at all. And yet, the result is actually kind of great. Gnomeo and Juliet was one such movie, and so is Turbo, the story of a snail that wants to be a race car. Turbo could be the summer's most pleasant surprise. »7/18/13 8:14am7/18/13 8:14am


Transformers Movie Exclusive! First Five Pages Of Transformers Script!

We've seen the entire thing and just to prove it to you — here's the first five pages of what sources tell us is the actual script of the new live-action Transformers movie, named "Prime Directive" in the pre-production. This script is from February, and although we spent a very late night last week running through… »9/11/06 4:21pm9/11/06 4:21pm